About Us

Company Background

Started in 1970, with over 45 years of operation in the food service industry, we have successfully established fruitful business relationship with major Hotel Groups and Restaurant Groups in Hong Kong, Macau, China. With excellent service on the distribution to worldwide channel, we are committed in the best quality and value to all customers.
Managing over 1,000 staffs, we have factories located in different provinces in China (Guangzhou, Fujian, Chaozhou, Nanjing and Tianjin) to enhance business with professional solutions for all customers at all levels.

Our Mission

We offer the most efficient and convenient service by providing a “One-Stop” convenient solution service to all customers while striving for excellence and continuous growth.

Social Responsibility

As a participant against environmental pollution, we are socially and environmentally responsible and yet, setting policies and guidelines on preventing and eliminating wastage.

Responsible Sourcing

We’re committed to foster responsible practices in our supply chain, while ensuring that our sourcing and supplier relationships deliver a competitive advantage.

Scopes of Service

We provide a Complete Kitchen Utensils Solution for every food service establishment.

  1. Wide Range of Products :

    Porcelain, Glassware, Melamine, Stainless Steel, Bamboo and Wooden steamer, Polypropylene Rattan Basket, Bamboo Pick and Acrylic Products, Disposable and plastic wares, Kitchenware, tableware, plastic gloves, Aluminum and Stone hotpot, Fuel can burner (i-hot), Groceries and specialty products, etc.

  2. Factory Facilities :

    Melamine compressing mounding machines, plastic injection mounding machines, Automatic argon, polishing machines, large cleaning machines, etc.

  3. Logistics :

    A team of dedicated and enthusiastic team providing full logistic and delivery service from factories in China to warehouses and to customers in Hong Kong, China and Macau.


Quality is our top priority. This applies to our entire portfolio, from sourcing and products to all our systems and services.

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices:

    We apply internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure quality and safety. GMP covers all aspects of manufacturing, including standard operating procedures, people management and training, equipment maintenance, and handling of materials.

  2. Awards & Certificates:

    Certified with FDA, ISO 9001:2000, EN46002 Quality Management System and CE, we always provide high standards of products to our clients.