Introduction of Product Series


High Quality Chinaware

We establish ourselves among the leading high-end porcelain tableware brands in the F/B industry worldwide, through our stylish, durable, functional and creative range of collections.

We produce high quality fine porcelain tableware which caters to the specific needs of the hospitality industry advanced production techniques and our unique porcelain composition.

Melamine Ware

We are dedicated to provide comprehensive product range to offer one stop service to save cost, time and effort.
Consistent quality and prompt service is our faith to add value to your prestigious image.

Bone China

Our goal is to create unique dining experiences for the hospitality and catering sectors with our iconic tableware collections.
With skills and knowledge which have been passed through generations, we will work with you to identify the best suited pattern for your venue style and cuisine, the right shape and any other details you wish to see in your crockery.
We promise to always deliver quality products, to made with the finest raw materials from our suppliers and with the quick turn-around you can expect from a local company.

Latest News

Hofex 07-10 May 2019 ( 展覽攤位1C-122 )

2019年Hofex展覽會已完滿結, 多謝各界的客戶來臨參觀及支持, 今年展出的產品反應都得以好評, 先以環保系列新產品作先鋒, 最令客戶感興趣的是女士們很喜愛的不銹鋼伸縮飲管, 方便攜帶亦很衛生環保...

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre HOFEX May 7-10, 2019

兩年一度的展覽會即將開鑼, 當然我們都有參與其中, 今年展出的產品將以環保概念性質做主題, 當中有好多特別的產品都是在香港第一次展出, 在此先保留一點神秘感吧! 現誠邀大家到來我們的參展位參觀及支持,...